Who invented Takis? (Invention Timeline Explained)

Snacks. Everyone loves them, often to the point of hating them, yet not many people are too interested in the history of snacks in general. Understandable, as snacks are a little too broad a term to properly research. How about let’s switch things up a bit by focusing on one particular snack — like say, Takis?

Just about everyone knows the crunchy, intensely flavored corn tortilla chip, mainly due to its iconic shape. It’s rolled up, looking more like a taquito than a chip! Considering the popularity of Takis, it’s only natural to be curious about its creation and history. Let’s look into who invented Takis, as well as the overall timeline concerning the ever-popular spicy snack.

Who invented Takis?

Surprisingly, the answer is a bit shrouded in mystery. The person credited with inventing Takis is a man named Morgan Sanchez (very few sources), and the snack is owned by Barcel, a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo. 

Takis’ key contributors (and evolution)

  • Morgan Sanchez
    Credited with the creation of Takis

    The Takis snack was said to be created by a man named Morgan Sanchez, though very little is known about the creation process. Mexico is something of a snack-forward culture, so it’s not an unlikely claim.

  • Barcel
    The well-known snack food company responsible for spreading Takis to the US

    Barcel is an extremely popular snack food company, known for snacks such as Toreadas, Kiyakis, and perhaps one of the most popular snacks around: Cheetos. Barcel is also credited as the creator of Takis, which also has some merit.

  • Grupo Bimbo
    The food manufacturing company that helped make Takis’ move to the US possible

    While Takis had made its way to Mexico as early as 1999, it would take quite a few years before the snack was finally introduced to the US. Thanks to Barcel and Grupo Bimbo, the popular snack would make its way to the US in 2004.

When was Takis invented?

Takis was invented in 1999. For the US, Takis would be introduced around 2004.

A brief history of Takis

What comes to mind when you think about Takis? For those who regularly consume the snack, they would probably associate its spiciness with the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but spiciness is only one factor. Compared to Cheetos, Takis is much more dense, offering an entirely different experience compared to Cheetos. The origins of the snacks is pretty interesting, as no one can really pinpoint precisely when the snack was made, or its creation process. There are some sources that credit a man named Morgan Sanchez as the person responsible for the creation of Takis. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much information about Morgan, which means we likely won’t know the truth of the matter.

What we do know is that the Takis snack belongs to the Barcel brand. Barcel is an extremely popular snack food company, known for snacks such as Toreadas, Kiyakis, and perhaps one of the most popular snacks around: Cheetos. Barcel is also credited as the creator of Takis, which also has some merit.

While Barcel is credited with manufacturing the snack, it’s a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, which would allow the snack to spread much farther. While Takis had made its way to Mexico as early as 1999, it would take quite a few years before the snack was finally introduced to the US. Thanks to Barcel and Grupo Bimbo, the popular snack would make its way to the US in 2004. These days, Takis is prepared in a surprising number of flavors, including Fuego, Cobra, Angry Burger, Xtra Hot, Zombie, and so much more. In terms of popularity, Takis enjoys similar fame to Cheetos, which is saying something considering the overall popularity of the Cheetos brand.

The Takis timeline

  1. 1999
    The potential creation of Takis by Morgan Sanchez

    Takis is said to be created by Morgan Sanchez, though there isn’t much known about the history of the snack’s creation outside of the potential creator. Perhaps we’ll learn more about the creation of Takis when further light is shed!

  2. 1999
    The potential creation of Takis via a Barcel employee

    Barcel, the food manufacturer known for creating Cheetos, is credited as well with the creation of Takis. However, it’s unknown whether it was a Barcel employee, or if it was an idea taken from a man named Morgan Sanchez.

  3. 2004
    Grupo Bimbo helps introduce Takis to the US

    Barcel is a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, a large food manufacturing business. With the help of Grupo Bimbo, Barcel introduced Takis to the US in 2004.

  4. 2004-Present
    The evolution of Takis

    These days, Takis has a mind-boggling number of flavors, even more than some of the most popular snacks available today. The iconic wrapped tortilla chip continues to evolve, and it’s likely many more flavors will pop out within the next few years!

Where was Takis invented?

Takis was invented by either Morgan Sanchez or a Barcel employee in Mexico.

Why everyone loves Takis

  • A timeless, delicious design

    There’s just something addictive about the design of the Takis snack. Not only are tortilla chips delicious in general, but the Takis design rolls it up like you would a taquito. This makes each bite extremely dense, and bursting with flavor.

  • A snack to match Cheetos

    When you think about it, there aren’t many snacks out there that even come close to the supremacy of Cheetos. Takis is one of the very few that actually matches Cheetos, and it’s funny that it also comes from the same manufacturer!

  • A wild variety of flavors

    Don’t feel like trying the Fuego flavor of Takis? Okay, how about Angry Burger? That’s a spicy burger and dill pickle flavor! Don’t feel like trying that? There’s always Volcano Queso. Or Salsa Brava. Or Party. Or Rock. Also, there are maybe two dozen more.

  • A delicious snack that never fails to disappoint

    The fun thing about Takis is even if it has a wide array of different flavors and the design allows it to practically explode in your mouth, Takis isn’t done breaking new ground. It’s a snack that never fails to disappoint, as it’s likely to release even more flavors down the line.

Takis by the numbers

  • 25There are 25 different (primary) Takis flavors to choose from. That’s an incredible number when you consider snack foods in general. What’s crazy about Barcel and Takis is that isn’t all they have in store.
  • 6There are various products that were released with the Takis brand. For example, Razor released a scooter with the Takis brand. In the case of other snacks, there are 6, including Takis Waves, Takis Watz, Takis POP!, Takis Stix, Takis Crisps, and Takis Kettlez. Each product is a different type of snack, all carrying the Takis brand.
  • 1999In the year 1999, Takis the snack was invented. While we aren’t completely certain who invented Takis due to differing sources, Takis was mainly introduced to the Hispanic audience. Takis always used an intense flavor, so they likely figured it wouldn’t be too popular if it made it to the US. They were absolutely wrong.
  • 18The number of ingredients that make up the original Takis snack. This includes Corn Masa Flour, Soybean, Iodized Salt, Sugar, Citric Acid, and much more. As far as processed snacks go, Takis is often the one that experiences the biggest differences depending on the flavor.

Five facts about Takis

  • It’s hard to get tired of Takis

    It’s understandable to get a little Cheeto’ed out when you’ve had too much of the snack, but that’s only because of its primary flavor. With Takis, there are so many different flavors that it’s hard to tire of the snack. There’s even Takis popcorn!

  • Takis in moderation

    One of the more interesting stories to come out of Takis is the potential for stomach problems when you eat too much Takis. It’s recommended to eat Takis in moderation due to its intense flavors.

  • The hottest flavor of Takis

    Considering that most Takis flavors are pretty intense, it’s understandable to be curious about its hottest flavor. So far, the simple Takis Fuego is known as the hottest flavor.

  • The Takis movement

    Did you know that there’s a rollercoaster that uses the Takis brand? There’s also a scooter released by Razor that has the Takis logo. It seems like the intense flavors of Takis were right at home on American soil.

  • The most popular flavor of Takis

    Since we’ve talked about the hottest flavor of Takis, it’s only natural to also mention the most popular flavor. Surprisingly enough, it’s the same one! Fuego is the most popular flavor, and next after that is Guacamole.

FAQ about Takis

  • What’s wrong with eating too much Takis?

    There was this rumor spreading around that spicy snacks such as Takis could potentially cause cancer. Fortunately, there’s no basis when it comes to such a rumor, and the only reason you shouldn’t eat too much Takis is it can cause stomach pains.

  • Should I try other snacks from the Takis brand?

    Not every Takis product is the same taquito-esque shape. For example, Takis POP! is ready to read popcorn. Takis Watz is a cheese snack! It’s recommended you give the other snacks a try as well.

  • What makes Takis so popular in the first place?

    It’s the perfect storm of flavor, density, and the mystery surrounding the snack. No one can point out the exact origin of Takis or who invented it, only that it’s a surprisingly delicious snack! It also helps that Takis has so many flavors that people can’t help but love it.

  • What’s the best Takis product that isn’t taquito shaped?

    As far as the best is concerned, it’s mostly up to personal preference. For example, if you aren’t the biggest fan of popcorn, Takis POP! isn’t going to blow your mind. That said, Takis Waves, which is a ridged potato chip, is one of the more popular products available.

  • What’s the strangest Takis flavor?

    It’s probably going to be the Broccoli flavored Takis. Yup, there is such a thing as a broccoli flavored snack, and Takis is happy to introduce it to the masses!

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