Who Invented Clapping? (Invention Timeline Explained)

Everyone knows how to clap, right? It’s the simple putting together of the hands in succession to create a distinctive sound that carries a message. For example, people clap to express appreciation for something spectacular that they just witnessed. Likewise, many people clap to encourage someone who faces an adversary, to give them that psychological … Read more

Who invented the DVR? (Invention Timeline Explained)

The invention of the DVR or Digital Video Recorder is a significant technological breakthrough. A DVR allows viewers to record and rewatch their favorite TV shows. It changes the way we enjoy television. The development of VCR to TiVo and then to DVRs brought uncontained excitement worldwide. These technological breakthroughs gave viewers more choices and … Read more

Who Invented the Mop? (Invention Timeline Explained)

Cleaning is an integral part of our daily routines. We must maintain our homes’ cleanliness for our safety, physical health, and mental wellbeing. Similarly, a clean and organized workplace helps boost productivity and creativity. Studies have shown that cleaning is an excellent way to distress and refocus. Luckily, because of technology, we now have all … Read more

Who Invented Taquitos? (Invention Timeline Explained)

Taquitos literally means ”little tacos.” It is important to establish this, so you do will not be confused when the article mentions tacos and taquitos, since the two dishes are related, although there are slight differences. Despite the Mexican-sounding name, taquito is an American invention, because a Mexican immigrant who had a handmade tortilla factory … Read more

Who Invented Sweatpants? (Invention Timeline Explained)

Most likely, you are lounging around in your sweatpants. Unlike back then, you can now go outdoors wearing your favorite sweats and no one will really care about it. Since the pandemic, different types of work environments have become interested in athleisure. But, who’s the man behind this convenient apparel? Who invented sweatpants? Émile Camuset … Read more